10 creepiest makeup fails ever

We have found you a set of makeup fails so bizarre and creepy you are gonna cringe just by looking at them.

Girls wear makeup to highlight their facial features. A dab of lipstick on your lips, a nicely drawn eyebrow, bit of foundation to conceal your freckles is just enough to go out in the day isn’t it? But some of the following people  with biig makeup fails have not understood that at all. They seem to have used makeup to ruin their faces and don’t look like they have any idea at all about the mess they have made. Is it crayon on their faces or makeup? We have no idea.

1. Do you see the face under all the paint?

Now isn’t this a sight to see? Her eyebrows and lipstick looks like they were drawn on by a kid using felt pens. Even kids these days do a better job of sticking to the borderlines. And what’s with the huge dot on the side of her face?



2. Evil witch from sleeping beauty

This makeup fail is an epitome of creepiness. The eyebrows almost look like spider legs; and the lip liner? No girl, that’s not how you do it. I can’t even…. never mind. Let’s hope Disney takes some lessons on How to draw their witches next time from this lady.



3. Contouring gone wrong

Kim K does it so why not us? But you better learn how to contour first before you do it, let alone take selfies and put them up on social media. Or you might look like this lady in the picture. She looks creepy as hell!!


4. Dark lines, dark lines and too much dark lines

Erghhhh…. Why is it so hard for people to understand how to draw eyebrows? It’s all about enhancing the natural look. But not according to this girl I guess. Why connect them? And the black lip liner? What was she thinking?



5. There seems to be a face on her makeup

This one has so much of makeup on her face we can’t even see her real features. It’s again too much of eye shadow, blush and lipstick. When you stare at her for some time it begins to give you a really creepy image. Big makeup fail!



6. Green is probably her favorite color

Sure, you may like green so much you wanna do everything with green. Maybe your clothes, even the hair is ok. But painting your eyebrows green looks to be little too much. And…. they are way above the place they should be. Maybe a bit less green next time?



7. She has gone for the dreamy look, or……not

Why ruin your eyes with tons of eye shadow that doesn’t match you? And why would anyone draw their eyeliner curled up like that? We really have no idea. The eyes would look really creepy if you see this one at a party.



8. The MacDONALDS makeup

She really does look like she got the makeup from McDonald himself. The huge eyebrows and the lipstick that goes way over the lip lines gives this creepy look that’s sure to scare the hell outta you if you saw her in the dark.

macdonalds (1)


9. Rainbow on my face

This lady seems to be a fan of bright colors and rainbows. Sure, everybody loves rainbows right? But on our faces? Not so much. But she will probably tell you otherwise. Another one of the creepiest makeup fails.

makeup fails 9

10. She isn’t serious, is she?

The last but not the least, this is the creepiest of the makeup fails we could find. Two sets of eyebrows one below the other? So many eyelashes and lines and too much of eye shadow… and I don’t even have to talk about the lipstick to see how crazy this looks.