10 Photoshop fails that will leave you in fits of laughter

With the number of Photoshop fails we see every day, you might think that people will see and learn from their mistakes. But no, there always is that one person everywhere who makes a fool of themselves with crazy Photoshop edits. The following collection of Photoshop fails are guaranteed to leave you in fits of laughter. What were they even thinking???

1.      Most realistic Photoshopper of the year award

There are Photoshop fails, epic Photoshop fails and then there’s this guy. The photo is too unrealistic, you can’t even imagine a person creating this, let alone putting it on social media. Let’s just hope somebody played a prank on him.

Photoshop Fails 1

2.      He got the girl and everything

Did he really think everyone would believe him if he photoshopped a girl on his knee? It’s not even in the right scale for speaking out loud. But anyway this picture is definitely better than the previous. We should give him some credit for choosing a nice girl, shouldn’t we?

Photoshop Fails 2

3.      Shadows never lie

Woah! Nice figure huh? Nope. Take a look at her shadow and you’ll know why. Don’t forget to Photoshop your shadow next time because shadows never lie.I almost fell for this one. Sad!

Photoshop Fails 3

4.      Liar liar we can see the mirror

He looks like he’s a hell of a strong guy doesn’t he? Only until you look at the mirror. It’s sad he forgot to use his Photoshop skills on the mirror. Better luck next time bro!

Photoshop Fails 4

5.      ALWAYS remember to Photoshop your shadow

Hey, it’s another strong dude. This guy is again one to miss out on the tiny details that could easily make him look like a fool. He probably forgot that his shadow would reveals a lot more than he hoped for.

Photoshop Fails 5

6.      Too pretty she even warps the wall

Looks like a hot girl in a mirror selfie, yeah? But the wall on her right tells the real story. Maybe the wall warped itself because of her beauty. She shouldn’t have photoshopped this one.

Photoshop Fails 6

7.      He got everything, muscles and the ladies

Do we even have to talk about this one? Either this guy is too dumb or too stupid to see how unrealistic this looks. A cartoon arm, seriously man?? Kiddo, I guess you are too young to be on the internet.

Photoshop Fails 7

8.      Can’t she see that she looks a teeny tiny bit odd?

Do you see a tiny bit of weirdness in this picture? Maybe it’s her face? Her arms? Her hands? Her waist? Oh my god, it’s everything.  Everything about this picture is very wrong. I wonder why she never saw it.

Photoshop Fails 8

9.      He’s so hot he even melts the air-conditioner

His hotness seems to be melting the whole room. The door, the air conditioner, the curtains…..and hey, even his body seems to be melting and dripping down. Talk about some bad Photoshop. This guy is a master at it.

Photoshop Fails 9

10.      404! Girlfriend not found

We always leave the funniest one for the last. When you realize the fact that this guy put this up on social media, you are going to die in laughter. His girlfriend is always trying to take pictures of him. What an annoying girlfriend. Too bad he doesn’t have one.

Photoshop Fails 10