You Can’t Stop Laughing! It Happens Only In Pakistan

Pakistan, the land of unpredictable happenings features scores of craziest people who have the hobby to do what others can’t even think of. If you want to enjoy the funniest scenes in real life, then come to Pakistan. We bring you these funniest scenes in the form of craziest pictures, what the call “it happens only in Pakistan”.

Let’s begin our countdown, and do not forget to enjoy till the and, because we have a surprise winner for you.

  1. At Your Service Sir!

At Your Service Sir

This man never bunked his class during his school days and now he doesn’t want to spoil his reputation by staying at home, despite having a great excuse of ‘unmanageable conditions’ which we see in the picture. Hats off! Keep working hard dear, your country needs you.

  1. Fool Proof Security

Fool Prrof Security

It shows how much Pakistani government is serious about its security issues. Now we understand why the terrorists face no resistance whatsoever in this country. May god bless the people of Pakistan!

  1. “Up Above the World So High”


up above the world so high

Somebody help, please! Hey… you, give me a hand, I need to unload this thing. Don’t worry dear! You’ll be back on your feet soon.

  1. ‘A Foolish Friend Will Kill You Sooner’

No Need of a wise enemy

Why fear from a wise enemy when you have a foolish friend to give you such a genius idea of using water to fight a high-power line, already set on fire. But this is Pakistan, so you can’t discard any possibility. It really happens in Pakistan.

  1. Pipeline through the Cave

Pipes in the cave

Don’t mistake this police officer for a mad stuntman. This daredevil belongs to Punjab Police and you can expect anything from these creatures. Seems as if he has got away with these stolen pipes.

  1. BTW! The Indian Police Wins the Competition

BTW! This Indian Wins the Competition

Our surprise winner comes from the neighboring country, India. Is this his way to take some rest during the duty hours? Or he has a childhood problem? Something is fishy, it can’t be a style. When it comes about resting your ass on a hard long stick, then we have to say “It happens only in India”.