Challenge!!! Can You Figure Out Art Flaws In These Paintings? Give It A Go!

Why do we call it art if there are art flaws? Believe it or not, even the work of most famous artists is not free from art flaws. Art is beautiful in every form, be it a canvas display, architecture or simply performing arts. Artists have had their special place in history as well, along with their famous works. However, some of the most famous and acclaimed artworks of human history have bizarre rather despicable flaws. Seriously! You might not have noticed them before but now you won’t ever miss them. Here are four bizarre art flaws.

4) Selby Abby

Selby Abby

Alright, what was the rush? Couldn’t they wait until some Mr Smarty Pants take the measurements? They started making that famous medieval arch and then found out they didn’t have space! And perhaps ate all cement for breakfast so they didn’t bother correcting the frame later on! The gateway to Narnia sure has an abnormality! Bizarre!

3) Human Movements

Human Movements

We understand drawing a human movement isn’t that easy. Fine enough, but you can be a bit logical with drawings I guess! Throughout the human history, there hasn’t been one genius with artistic skills, I tell you! Who walks with the leg and the arm of one side of the body moving in the same direction? Japanese humanoid? Talk about bizarre art flaws!

2) The Birth of Venus

birth of venice flaw

Birth of Venus is one of the most well-known artworks of the Renaissance Period. However, the master of his work Botticelli was seriously very much a failure at drawing feet! Ruined a masterpiece! Dumb! What is with these feet? Swelled of high uric acid?

1) Michelangelo’s Body-Builder Women


I have never seen a woman with such a physique in my unfortunate life if that’s how a woman is supposed to look like? Dude, who was your model? Big Show? Bizarre art flaw number one, I say!