Funny Animal Shots: It’s All About Being At Right Place At The Right Time

People are funny! Animals are funny too, don’t know who is funnier. We have some really funny animal shots on the internet. There are comedy wildlife photography competitions too. Don’t know who judges them, though chimps? Here are five very weirdly funny animal shots.

  1. Adios Amigos

Adios Amigos

Adios Amigos! I’m off to the city! They have cool cafes and nightclubs there, nothing boring like this old deserted woodland. I’ll send a postcard. Bye!

  1. The Posers

The Posers

“I won’t mind my kid squashing into juice, just click a photo!” Talk about funny animal shots! “Would you click it already? I have to cry for Mummy!”

  1. Hop Hop

Hop Hop

Up, up and away! That’s one bumpy ride, I tell you!

  1. Selfie Time

Selfi Time

Hey, you all chumps! I’m Olie the cat! Hey, why am I seeing a weird creature in the screen?

  1. The Shocked Baboon

The Shocked Baboon

Wait! What? They took that ugly baboon like thing as a model for these crackers?