Funny Excuses for Escaping Dieting and Exercising

With all the preaching about reducing and maintaining an ideal weight by regulating diet and exercise, it is but natural to feel saturated and take a break by deviating from the set path once in a while. Like everything else, there is a lighter side to cheating on your diet-and-exercise regime too and a humorous explanation is all it takes to abate your guilt feeling on one hand and enjoy binging on your favorite treats on the other.

There are a plethora of funny excuses that you can use in order to bunk on your discipline and some of the most convincing explanations that you can provide for enjoying your food are –

A Balanced Diet Means a Cupcake in Each Hand

Balanced diet is something that health experts never get tired of discussing and no matter how many times the topic of health comes up, this subject is bound to be emphasized. While it refers to the inner balance of nutrients within the body, a literal translation could also mean physical balance by having the same amount of food in each of your two hands. For an avid foodie, a lighter side would mean having a burger on both hands to create balance while for a sweet tooth it would mean balancing with a creamy and frosted cupcake.

Every Time I Lose Some Weight, I Find It Again In the Refrigerator

If you are one of those who is conscious about putting on an extra pound, then losing a certain amount of weight over a specific duration must be common practice. Of course this requires plenty of self control, all of which can be easily swept away the moment you open the door of your refrigerator and face all the goodies inviting you to pick them up. So when you need to explain your weight gain, you could always say that you found it in the refrigerator.

Skinny People Are Easy To Kidnap – Stay Safe, Eat Cake

From a kidnapper’s perspective, it would indeed be a lot easier and simpler to kidnap someone who is skinny rather than haul an overweight and flabby person. This is an excellent excuse for loading on desserts without giving a thought to the weighing scale.

If It Is True That Stress Brings Weight Loss, Why Am I Not Invisible

This light-hearted explanation is meant to debunk the theory that stress is one of the most potent reasons that cause weight loss. Given the fact that it forms an integral part of the present-day lifestyle, stress is a factor which is omnipresent and had it been so effective in causing weight loss, then half the world’s population would have been rendered invisible.

Chocolate Comes From Cocoa Which Is A Tree and Hence Chocolate Is Salad

Chocolate is derived from cocoa pods which grow on the cocoa tree as fruits, meaning it is plant based in origin. Does that make it a salad? For people who love eating chocolate, this is a good enough explanation for not giving up this luscious, smooth and yummy treat which unfortunately causes you to put on weight rather quickly.