Funny Suggestions That Would Make You More Likeable

Are you one of those who are too serious about everything, sensitive and touchy and always ready with criticisms? Given the fast-paced nature of life in this contemporary era, it is but natural to feel fatigued and frustrated and soon all of this builds up within, causing you to take on a negative mindset. Rather than trudging through life carrying the burden of tiredness, a better approach would be to adopt a cheerful and light-hearted attitude so that not only are you pleasant to others but to yourself as well.

Some of the ways by which you can get rid of your seriousness and become happier as a human being are –

Appreciate Anything That Is Funny

There are times when you simply feel as though the world – at least your world – has come to an end because may be things are not proceeding as smoothly as they should. It could be due to some trouble at the workplace, your computer crashing just before a crucial assignment or your car being towed away just when you are in a big hurry. While the moment itself might be miserable for you, once it is past the seriousness also passes and you might end up having a good laugh.

What you need to remember at such moments is that they give you plenty of fodder for a friendly gathering later on in life and that is how such incidents should be taken. If they can cause you to laugh later, you might as well laugh at them now and tide over the difficulties.

Be Positive

As a human being, how many times have you waited for others to bring you good news so that you could be happy rather than find happiness within yourself? It is indeed possible to derive joy from every moment that life has to offer and the onus is on you to decide whether to take it or simply wait for some good news that may or may not come.

All you need to do is maintain positive vibes and it is just a matter of time before the same will reflect on your overall personality.

Smile and Let the World Smile with You

Smiling calls for exercising just seven facial muscles and this renders it the easiest possible workout that can be carried out with minimal effort. When you smile, not only do you release positive energy within yourself but also brighten another person’s day. Like the way in which you start smiling every time you come across a smiling face, your smile can also cheer someone up and in the process you will have earned that person’s gratitude.

So every day you must make it a point to smile as often as you can and one of the ways wherein you could be conscious entails checking every 30 minutes the number of times you have smiled and improve on the figure. Smile and you trigger positivism within yourself and coax the world also to smile with you, thus making it a better place.