In 4 years the investment in public cloud services will reach 266,000 million dollars

Global spending on services and infrastructure in the public cloud will reach $ 266 billion in 2021 , according to the latest data from IDC. However, although the growth in this spending will suffer some deceleration for this period, the market is expected to reach a five-year compound annual growth rate of 21%. Thus, spending on public services will reach 128 billion dollars in 2017, an increase of 25.4% over the previous year.

The United States will be the main focus of public cloud services counting up to 60% of the world’s revenues and an expenditure of 163,000 million dollars. Western Europe and Asia Pacific will pull the business, in second and third place respectively, with an expenditure of 52,000 million and 25,000 million. For its part, Latin America will experience a rapid and continued growth of 26.2%.

“The European market will be led by Germany together with Italy and Sweden,” explains Angela Vacca, senior research manager in Customer Insights and Analysis . “The growth of the cloud market is further driven by digital transformation, since the cloud is expected to be the default model in the continent.” On the other hand, professional services, banking and telecommunications are the three fastest growing industries.

Software as a Service (SaaS) will continue to be the dominant model, occupying almost two thirds of the cost. Also, the purchase of applications will represent half of the investment.

Stacking technology for managed ‘switches’ based on Fastphat in the cloud

Aerohive Networks , cloud access management and services company, announces stacking technologyfor Broadcom and Aerohive FASTPATH ® based switcheswith cloud management (public or private). Organizations already have access to a complete and simplified experience for unified wired and wireless networks, supported by context-based network policies, provisioning without human intervention, and intuitive monitoring and support tools that can scale to more than one million managed devices .

Among the highlights of the new capabilities of the stack of switches we can highlight:

Effortless deployment and provisioning of up to 1+ million with dynamic configuration managed devices and the ability to create, clone and customize patterns stack of switches in a couple of clicks.
With the centralized management console HiveManager® NG UI , organizations can define and manage configurations of switch stacks , customize exceptions, and apply mass device configurations to switch stacks.

Leaving behind the management approach SNMP rigid and prone to delays, Cloud Management of Aerohive for Switching uses the agent HiveAgent ™ cloud – based and HiveAgent embedded software that when a manufacturer integrating it into its switches based on FASTPATH Broadcom , it can allow almost real-time configuration, in-depth visibility, faster reporting, access to SSH problem resolution, and highly secure management traffic communication through Aerohive Cloud .