Look Amanda and Her 3 Cats Are Having Interesting Conversations!

Having pets is always a dream and people who want to make their spare time full of fun and entertainment, nothing could be better than being surrounded by cute and lovable creatures. Most of the people used to have dogs or cats as their companions because no other creature is as honest and sincere as they are. What makes the relation stronger is their conversations with the pets and the way it takes place.

You would have heard about a man, who had an interesting conversation with his dog. It went viral with the title “Texts from my dog” in which, the dog has interestingly replied to his owner’s messages or vice versa. After that, other people followed the concept and posted their chats with the dogs.




Amanda Boerste is the owner of 3 cats with whom, she made interesting conversations and let others read them to get entertained and amused. The first cat is named Mittens, who was adopted from a shelter and is now 15 years old. Second is named as Buster, adopted 6 months ago while, third is called Buster, who is the best friend Buster. Mittens does not like the presence of Jackson and Buster in the home as she doesn’t want to share Amanda’s love with any other cat.




Amanda used to chat with her three innocent friends that are really amazing and funny to read. Look at how good the cats can be in typing their thoughts and how Amanda responded to them. You will enjoy!