Oo0oOhhh!!! How Dare You Wear These Crazy Hairstyles?

I dare you all, wear any of these five crazy hairstyles. These are ridiculously crazy and funny. Check them out.

Tree on Your Head


Which fruit does this tree bear? And where can I build my treehouse? Hmm! Up in the centre may be? Crazy lady!

Uncle Ted

Uncle ted

“Hi Uncle Ted! How are you?” Uncle Ted doesn’t seem to be very happy today. “Say, Uncle Ted! You awake?” Turns. “He isn’t and he isn’t your Uncle Ted either, it’s my head! I’m Bill! Hi!”

Giant Lizard

Giant Lizard

Talk about crazy hairstyles! What’s up with this guy? I can’t bear a lizard on TV he has one on his head!

The Picnic Basket

picnic basket

Alright, what is this giant rainbow colored marshmallow cane on her head? What do they use it for? Carrying her around like a picnic basket?

Ice Cream Cones


“Mommy! I want those giant ice cream cones! Please!” Yeah, eat hair! What craziness is this?