OXO Connect C25 allows SMEs to access the cloud

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise , announces the commercialization of Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect C25 , the solution of the OXO Connect family for those micro and small businesses that need profitable communications focused on their customers and their business. Therefore, the SME needs instant communications for its staff in the office – or in movement – that allow an excellent response to the requests of the clients.

The new Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect C25 platform is a complete, advanced telephony system within a robust application. It is optimized for businesses with up to 25 users and offers integrated access to unified communications based on the Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow ™ cloud .

With OXO Connect C25, small businesses can benefit from solutions such as Rainbow, which is a unified communications application and a communications platform as a cloud-based service for audio, video, chat and document sharing on PCs and smartphones.

Thanks to the new communications platform of Alcatel-Lucent , SMEs of up to 25 users can already enjoy the improvement in their communications, regardless of whether they use analog, digital or wireless terminals. The new unified communications solution allows management remotely, in the cloud.

The company does not lose calls or opportunities thanks to the voicemail and the welcome application incorporated. And the reception of calls is included to direct customer calls to the most relevant staff members at all times.

Nginx multi-language application server for microservices

Nginx has introduced an application server for microservices environments. The open source Nginx unit is designed for environments in which developers use multiple languages ​​in their implementations. It is typical in microservices to use multiple languages ​​and thus have multiple stacks of software to manage and control, says the company.

In its beta version this week, Nginx Unit supports Google Go, PHP and Python . Java support and Node.js will be added later and support for Ruby is being considered.

Nginx Unit also offers a service mesh, an “intelligent” network layer for connecting microservices.

Nginx is best known as the manufacturer of the popular Nginx web server and load balancer. It says that the combination called Nginx Applicaton Platform from Nginx, Nginx Unit and the next management tool Nginx Controller provides a unified stack to migrate from monolithic applications to microservices.

Nginx Applicaton Platform can run on the Kubernetes container management platform , on local systems and in various cloud environments.