Pay Attention!!! 8 Flowers That Have Something To Say To You

Write a prose for rose, watch a morning glory, pluck the jasmines and refer to the violets; that’s what you have been doing. Have you wondered if this planet of ours has any strange looking flowers? There are a lot of them. It goes without saying, some of them are very absurd, as absurd as Pinocchio’s nose.  Following is the countdown of the weirdest flowers in the world.

8) Fore Lily              

 1 Flame-Lily

Hush, step away! You might just burn yourself to ashes. What a sharp looking, blazing flamethrower this flower looks like! It may very well be a flower for the angry birds.

7) Devil’s Hand

 3 devils hand

“Don’t bug your sister or the devil will catch you!” You can keep your kids in control with these weird looking paw shaped flowers. They may actually work, you know, these spooky red flowers.

6) Hooker’s Lips

 4 hookers-lips

Okay, who wants a kiss from a giant pair of lips? Very, very red lips! Eek, pretty creepy, no? Weird flowers, indeed.

5) Swaddled Baby

 5 swaddled babies

Aww! Don’t you want to cuddle it? It is so cute! Who knew you would want to play with a tulip flower like that! Coochie Coo!

4) Snap Dragon Seed Pod

 6 snapgdragon seed pod skull dragons skull

When they come knocking for a “trick or treat” next Halloween, treat them with a Snap Dragon Seed Pod! That will serve them right, trust me!

3) Dancing Girls

 7 dancing grils

Party mode! Have some ballerinas in your garden and go salsa, mate! How about a swan’s flight? Cha, cha, cha!

2) Corpse Lily

 8 corpse lily

Freaky stuff! Why would you actually call a flower a Corpse Flower? Not that Sherlock discovered it! It doesn’t look very friendly either, corpse thing!

1) Monkey Face Orchid

 9 monkey-orchid

How about having Draculas in your garden? Though, I don’t suppose these can suck blood. Monkeys, not Dracula. Okay, okay! We’ll do with that. Have monkeys in your orchid, let’s have dinosaurs too then. Sigh!