Study in the US: 10 twitter address for students hunt for scholarships

Currently, universities around the world offer a lot of scholarship programs as well as financial support for international students. However, finding scholarships that are appropriate and true to your wishes is sometimes difficult. Moreover, scholarships often offer certain deadlines, so if you find suitable scholarships that are about to expire, you cannot prepare the documents and necessary documents. Therefore, in order to find scholarships in the early days, you need to “update” regularly activities from organizations and schools that provide scholarships. In addition to keeping track of the official websites of the schools you want to study, there is another way with more scholarship options than the financial specialized sites for students as well as collecting lots of support. financial aid and scholarships from different universities. Hotcourses Vietnam will introduce you 10 pagesTwitter publishes student support programs and scholarships. Please “Follow” and you will receive the most up-to-date information on financial aid and scholarships offline:

@FAFSA : This is the official Twitter account of Federal Student Aid , the US government student financial aid organization. In addition to the organization’s home page, you will find the most up-to-date information about this organization on student financial issues as well as organizational support at Twitter.

@ PayingForSchool : Fastweb is the top US scholarship search site, so on Twitter, you will also find the latest financial aid and scholarships from US universities. Moreover, at this Twitter page, you can join and follow many interesting discussions with the help of experts. This will help you understand more and solve any questions you may have when choosing scholarships and universities.

@volunTEENnation : Volunteers can be very important factors for you to get the opportunity to receive scholarships, and the organization’s Twitter page VolunTEEN Nation publishes the most up-to-date information about students. Association on volunteer activities as well as scholarships in community-oriented programs.

@CollegeNET : CollegeNET website about student financial aid programs and scholarships is the only site that allows users to use discussion forums on the website to find us weekly winners. And their Twitter account will help you keep track of the most up-to-date information on this site.

@DebtFreeScholar : Nate Desmond , the famous bloger in the US, who wrote about scholarships, financial aid programs, and student loans since 2009, and on his twitter page he also provided a lot of words. Practical, and useful advice for students and parents who are looking for opportunities in scholarships as well as choosing schools.

@CollegeWeekLive : CollegeWeekLive is known as “one of the largest programs in universities around the world”. This is a place that gathers a lot of information about universities around the world as well as the most frequent and updated financial aid and scholarship programs. “Follow” CollegeWeekLive on twitter ensures you will not miss any important events and information.

@Scholarshipscom : This Twitter site is famous in the international student community not only because of the updated scholarship information but also because the “Short And Tweet” scholarship program on this Twitter site has actually awarded 1,000 scholarships. for students who join this program.

@USNewsEducation : US News is an information website about very prestigious courses, scholarships and universities in the United States. Here you can also consult the articles of educational experts in the US as well as receive advice from them. Add to that the most up-to-date information and rankings lists of US universities.

@CollegeBoard : College Board is a publisher of the SAT standardized test, on Twitter and at its new website , which offers college counseling services, answers to student questions, as well as those Real-life stories from students around the world.

@ScholAmerica : Last but not least, it is the Twitter page of Scholarship America. This site not only updates the latest scholarship programs from US universities but also links to all the scholarship programs of the universities. This helps you not to miss any information of any scholarship program.

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