Stylish Funny Dogs in Gorgeous Menswear: They Really Outrun The Celebs

Funny dogs are always adorable and gorgeous for most of their lovers but these dogs have something special. We bring you some stylish funny dogs dressed up in cool outfits. These pets simply grab our attention and one may think of breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend and get on with one of these lovely creatures.


This cute Winky baby caught cold despite a thick fur. Get Well Soon dear!


Well, she is out of mood or may be out of her comfort zone. Please! somebody get off her jacket or loosen the zip a bit lower.


Be careful please, don’t spoil my lovely suit. Please! somebody get him a tissue paper before it melts.


No discounts at my store. Please refer to the price list before ordering the products. Hey You! Don’t touch anything prior to the payment.



Welcome to my office! Oh no, these magazines are 16+, please verify your age before having a look at them.


Godfather is back with a new look. Isn’t it crazy to watch men dressed up like this? Oh yes, dogs are best suited in these costumes.


Please accept this little gift, please! I am sorry I was away for a few days for my professional commitments. You see they keep on making me stand in front of camera for hours 🙁