I don’t know why BMW and Mercedes spend that much on elegant, decent cars. I mean, look at these weird cars, why can’t they design such awesomely stylish cars. Poor people have to do it themselves. There is nothing wrong with these, just some weird cars you know.

The Moving Orchard

Moving lawn

They made a good use of their lawn mower and voila, what a magnificent environment-friendly car they have made. I bet it gives fruits too. Yum!

The Cardboard Project

Cardboard project

So their son had a school project, he had to make an artwork out of cardboard. So they made him this for full marks!

The Furry Ride

Furry Ride

For the love of fur! I mean get yourself a cat maybe? Whose car is this? Cat-girl? I don’t assume she needs one, though!

The Fancy Ghost Ride

Fancy ghost ride

The Japanese people have some vivid imagination or possibly they make friends with weird creatures, weird cars they make anyway!

The Table For 4

Tabke For 4

You don’t need to make reservations anywhere. You have your table, just park outside, honk and place the order. Poor waiter will have to come an extra mile, though. Weird car, meh!