Cats are lovable and funny creatures. Sometime they do the weirdest things with the most serious faces that can make you roll on the floor laughing. Awkward cat poses are some of the best out of them.

So we found some of the most awkward cat poses on the internet that can give you a good laugh. Looking at these cuddly creatures doing human-like awkward cat poses is just what you need to make your day!

1.  Mr. I’m sexy and I know it 

Awkward cat poses 1
He looks like he’s sitting in a bar flirting with a cat-lady. Suave  😉

2.  Just chillin’ on the stairs

Awkward cat poses 2
How is he even sitting like that? This is definitely one of the most awkward cat poses.

3.  I like to sleep like this

Awkward cat poses 3
This one was most probably too lazy to lie down. But it looks like he’s having such a good sleep.

4.  Oh my! Tell me more

Awkward cat poses 4
Such a cute kitty. He looks like he’s listening to a juicy gossip about the kitty next door.

5.  Get out you hooman, I hate you

Awkward cat poses 5
Why disturb him in his very awkward but comfy stance?? Plus…he looks veryyyy angry. Get out while you can 😀

6.  The food looks dreamy, but I’m lazy

Awkward cat poses 6
Another one who’s too lazy to get up….to eat. That’s a hell of a surprise!!! Something must be defiiiiinitely wrong with this guy.

7.  Why you clicking that camera thing at me?

Awkward cat poses 7
Can’t I have some privacy in this place? Go away hooman! Go away!

8.  I like it here, so what?

Awkward cat poses 8
Whattchu lookin at hooman? Can’t I sit however I want? ….on this windowsill?

9.  All I wanna do is to be a rug

Awkward cat poses 9
I wanna be a rug like the one underneath me……….and do nothing……all day long.

10.  I’m bored of the old ways

Awkward cat poses 10
Let me try out this new pose I learnt. And…please go away.