Sports can be crazy, very, very crazy I swear. Some of the craziest things ever in human history have happened on the sports fields. Imagine something crazy happens and the cameraman captures it? Here are the four craziest moments captured on sports fields.

4) The Knock-Out Kick

Knock Out Kick

Someone should find the guy who kicked this ball! Dude, you aren’t in a boxing ring trying to knock the poor guy out! And what’s up with him? Watching his girlfriend up in the stands? Well, that’s quite a wake-up call then!

3) The Desperate Defender

desperate defender

I have seen defenders going nuts, chasing forwards like a hound but what is this man? He should be charged with harassment I tell you, desperate dude!

2) The Damn It Moment

The Damn It Moment

“Damn It! This fancy double spin dive’s gonna cost me my swim suit!”

1) Pit Licker

pit licker

This guy has serious taste issues! I don’t know what kind of food he has been having! Sweat soup? Yuck! Tis freak tops the list for 4 craziest moments on sports fields.

8 Most Shocking Pictures of Female Celebs Without Makeup

What!!!Celebs without makeup? How do I recognize the celebrities without makeup? It’s F*****g impossible! 

All the famous stars look phenomenal on the red carpet, but they have the top artists working behind the curtains for even their little makeup touch. Catching your favorite actress without makeup is one of the craziest things that gives your story a different view. 

Beauty lies in the simplicity, believed by many of our famous stars. So, they don’t bother to apply heavy makeup on their beautiful skin when they are going out for the errands. These photographs show us that they can’t apply heavy makeup all the time, they need some rest too. The celebrities who look stunning in the movies, TV shows, magazines are really unrecognizable when they are seen without makeup. If you don’t want to ruin the beautiful images of the celebrities that you like then you must stay away from this gallery.

  1. AnnaLynne McCord:


Your pimples are obvious, girl. Hide them somewhere!

  1. Jessica Biel:


She is truly a bombshell when she rocks the red carpet. But without makeup, she is no more than an average girl.

  1. Khloe Kardashian:


This might be the most shocking picture in the series for the sexy Kardashian fans.

  1. Anna Kournikova:


She doesn’t look like Anna Kournikove. But actually, this is her real picture without makeup.

  1. Nicole Richie:


She is maybe at a beauty rest day! Just relax guys.

  1. Jennifer Lopez:


She is going to put the face on herself that you like the most!

  1. Kristen Stewart:


The famous twilight actress is actually a real beauty no matter, she applies makeup or not. Her looks are always adorable!

  1. Rihanna:


The famous Rihanna is rarely seen without her makeup. No matter what she is a real beauty.

Home Alone: These Crazy Kids Are Quick To Turn Into Anything They Want

Although we like kids very much and they are the prettiest when they act naughty. Crazy kids are our angels and every angel is unique and attractive to us. But the kids between 2 – 4 years of age are very naughty and when they do something more than ordinary, they catch our attention very rapidly. Babies are the ultimate reasons for our joy and happiness and they make us laugh so hard when there is no way to even smile.

Here, we have come up with a collection of crazy kids taking charge while they home alone. Every kid does things like this when they are left alone by their mum. Have you ever caught your baby doing anything like this? This is hilarious. Have a look at these hilarious kids to get an idea what your own baby could do in your absence. Scroll down and enjoy every picture.

When Your Baby Is A Trend Setter


When your parents are not at home, and you want to become a new trend setter. Oops! This was the only thing available. Wait! What about the other heroes?

Future Artist


This baby discovered that he has his sketchbook right in front of him. Carry on your painting baby you will be a great painter one day.

 Creativity at Its Peak


Your girl is very artistic. She knows the use of toilet paper very well. She will be very high one day!

 Jewelry Lover


When you don’t allow your daughter to wear jewellery. Oops! This is how she found her way.

 When Eating Is Your Passion


I wanted to eat chocolate mum! You can never hide it from me.

 Come On Boys


All the chain smokers! You are invited to my home friends. Let’s have some party, I got a pack from my father’s pocket.

 The Dark Knight


The dark knight in the daylight, it’s only when mum and dad are not at home.

 Combo Of A Spiderman And A Painter


I am a Spiderman and a painter too. Because mum is not at home!

 Threat To The Dad:


Dad, let me date with her!  or else, forget about your phone.

Oo0oOhhh!!! How Dare You Wear These Crazy Hairstyles?

I dare you all, wear any of these five crazy hairstyles. These are ridiculously crazy and funny. Check them out.

Tree on Your Head


Which fruit does this tree bear? And where can I build my treehouse? Hmm! Up in the centre may be? Crazy lady!

Uncle Ted

Uncle ted

“Hi Uncle Ted! How are you?” Uncle Ted doesn’t seem to be very happy today. “Say, Uncle Ted! You awake?” Turns. “He isn’t and he isn’t your Uncle Ted either, it’s my head! I’m Bill! Hi!”

Giant Lizard

Giant Lizard

Talk about crazy hairstyles! What’s up with this guy? I can’t bear a lizard on TV he has one on his head!

The Picnic Basket

picnic basket

Alright, what is this giant rainbow colored marshmallow cane on her head? What do they use it for? Carrying her around like a picnic basket?

Ice Cream Cones


“Mommy! I want those giant ice cream cones! Please!” Yeah, eat hair! What craziness is this?