Creativity lies in every person, all it takes is to discover how it can be shown and when. Some people tend to transform an unpleasant and uneven rock into a monument while some are creative in playing with colors. There are people who can cut the ice into a living place and some show their creativity through computer.




Every person has a hidden talent that he/she should explore by giving a push to him/herself. Sometimes, it’s the time that let people know how creative and amazing they are while sometimes, they try to convert their interest into something really interesting and worth-showing. Normally, people used to get inspired with an art and make some modifications to associate it with their names.




Getting inspired by his 4-year old daughter, Martin Ravva started to use matchboxes creatively and presented an interesting collection of matchboxes painted with interesting ideas. He got the idea when his daughter brought a matchbox and asked him to open it. As soon as he did, the matchbox opened having a small toy inside for Martin as a surprise from his daughter. It’s the time when he realized that matchboxes can be used in such an interesting way and so, he decided to show off his creativity.


Martin didn’t only use his skills but added humor, fun and reality to leave his mark on the art.