With the number of Photoshop fails we see every day, you might think that people will see and learn from their mistakes. But no, there always is that one person everywhere who makes a fool of themselves with crazy Photoshop edits. The following collection of Photoshop fails are guaranteed to leave you in fits of laughter. What were they even thinking???

1.      Most realistic Photoshopper of the year award

There are Photoshop fails, epic Photoshop fails and then there’s this guy. The photo is too unrealistic, you can’t even imagine a person creating this, let alone putting it on social media. Let’s just hope somebody played a prank on him.

Photoshop Fails 1

2.      He got the girl and everything

Did he really think everyone would believe him if he photoshopped a girl on his knee? It’s not even in the right scale for speaking out loud. But anyway this picture is definitely better than the previous. We should give him some credit for choosing a nice girl, shouldn’t we?

Photoshop Fails 2

3.      Shadows never lie

Woah! Nice figure huh? Nope. Take a look at her shadow and you’ll know why. Don’t forget to Photoshop your shadow next time because shadows never lie.I almost fell for this one. Sad!

Photoshop Fails 3

4.      Liar liar we can see the mirror

He looks like he’s a hell of a strong guy doesn’t he? Only until you look at the mirror. It’s sad he forgot to use his Photoshop skills on the mirror. Better luck next time bro!

Photoshop Fails 4

5.      ALWAYS remember to Photoshop your shadow

Hey, it’s another strong dude. This guy is again one to miss out on the tiny details that could easily make him look like a fool. He probably forgot that his shadow would reveals a lot more than he hoped for.

Photoshop Fails 5

6.      Too pretty she even warps the wall

Looks like a hot girl in a mirror selfie, yeah? But the wall on her right tells the real story. Maybe the wall warped itself because of her beauty. She shouldn’t have photoshopped this one.

Photoshop Fails 6

7.      He got everything, muscles and the ladies

Do we even have to talk about this one? Either this guy is too dumb or too stupid to see how unrealistic this looks. A cartoon arm, seriously man?? Kiddo, I guess you are too young to be on the internet.

Photoshop Fails 7

8.      Can’t she see that she looks a teeny tiny bit odd?

Do you see a tiny bit of weirdness in this picture? Maybe it’s her face? Her arms? Her hands? Her waist? Oh my god, it’s everything.  Everything about this picture is very wrong. I wonder why she never saw it.

Photoshop Fails 8

9.      He’s so hot he even melts the air-conditioner

His hotness seems to be melting the whole room. The door, the air conditioner, the curtains…..and hey, even his body seems to be melting and dripping down. Talk about some bad Photoshop. This guy is a master at it.

Photoshop Fails 9

10.      404! Girlfriend not found

We always leave the funniest one for the last. When you realize the fact that this guy put this up on social media, you are going to die in laughter. His girlfriend is always trying to take pictures of him. What an annoying girlfriend. Too bad he doesn’t have one.

Photoshop Fails 10

Worst Photoshop Fails Ever

Here we bring you the worst photoshop fails ever. Everybody loves Photoshop these days. You can manipulate your photos the way you want. You can add a picture or, you can crop your picture with many other enhanced editing tools. So, if you know the use of Photoshop properly, then you are the master of this world these days. Because everybody wants to Photoshop their pictures to the level of flawlessness. So, you must be a professional to use the Photoshop or else it will result into serious blunders whether you are editing a picture for your profile or a magazine. Here is the list of the hilarious Photoshop mistakes that are very hard to believe. Scroll down and enjoy the worst photoshop fails ever.

Get The Same Cheque As I Did!


Huhhh… when you don’t know your shadow will become an epic failure for your advertisement. The Shadows are always troublesome man! Such a creepy ad; better luck next time millionaire!

Mole Migration:


When you want to change your look, it’s easy to migrate your mole. Oops! Is this really your face now?

Let’s Try For A Little Workout!


When you want big abs, but you can’t motivate yourself to the workout. You have got a great solution for your laziness man!

Girl With An Invisible Arm:


This girl’s right arm has been missing. Don’t worry girl! We will find your arm soon.

Worst Daddy Muscles Ever:


I think his muscles are made by his son in his Microsoft paint classes. He almost did it! Nice try.

Broken Neck:


Don’t worry, no one will notice your broken neck. Between your curly hair looks great!

And You Think You Can Win The Contest With Five Fingers? Are They Enough?


You can play very well with five fingers, but what about the one with the six fingers?  Prepare you guys! This is going to be so hard.

Top 5 Stupid Movie Mistakes That You Never Spotted Before

I am a movie-lover, who is that boring not to be one anyway? Hollywood has to have the best standards there are for any entertainment junkie to have his money served well. However, even the best have mistaken, no blundered! There are some stupid movie mistakes that you might have never noticed.

Following is the list of five stupid movie mistakes you might not have spotted before.

  1. North By Northwest



Look at that kid covering his ears before the gunshot! That’s why you shouldn’t have kids on the sets, they don’t know when to react! Annoying!

  1. Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

pirates of the caribbean

Since when have pirates become friends with cowboys? I’m sure that dummy is a crew member whom the director never noticed on the sets.

  1. The Dark knight

dark knight 1dark knight 2

Alright, since when have the corpses started walking? I don’t know what the world is coming to! Seriously, what a stupid blunder in a movie to have!

  1. Braveheart


So we are on a battlefield and the soldiers are setting off to ride straight at the enemy’s frontline while the residents go for a picnic in their white vans. Awesomeness! What a country!

  1. Gladiator


This is the setting of the Battle of Carthage in the Hollywood legendary, Gladiator. Someone, please enlighten me, I always barely passed history and mechanics, why in the world does a chariot need a gas power supply? Don’t tell me horses needed gas fuel back then!

10 creepiest makeup fails ever

We have found you a set of makeup fails so bizarre and creepy you are gonna cringe just by looking at them.

Girls wear makeup to highlight their facial features. A dab of lipstick on your lips, a nicely drawn eyebrow, bit of foundation to conceal your freckles is just enough to go out in the day isn’t it? But some of the following people  with biig makeup fails have not understood that at all. They seem to have used makeup to ruin their faces and don’t look like they have any idea at all about the mess they have made. Is it crayon on their faces or makeup? We have no idea.

1. Do you see the face under all the paint?

Now isn’t this a sight to see? Her eyebrows and lipstick looks like they were drawn on by a kid using felt pens. Even kids these days do a better job of sticking to the borderlines. And what’s with the huge dot on the side of her face?



2. Evil witch from sleeping beauty

This makeup fail is an epitome of creepiness. The eyebrows almost look like spider legs; and the lip liner? No girl, that’s not how you do it. I can’t even…. never mind. Let’s hope Disney takes some lessons on How to draw their witches next time from this lady.



3. Contouring gone wrong

Kim K does it so why not us? But you better learn how to contour first before you do it, let alone take selfies and put them up on social media. Or you might look like this lady in the picture. She looks creepy as hell!!


4. Dark lines, dark lines and too much dark lines

Erghhhh…. Why is it so hard for people to understand how to draw eyebrows? It’s all about enhancing the natural look. But not according to this girl I guess. Why connect them? And the black lip liner? What was she thinking?



5. There seems to be a face on her makeup

This one has so much of makeup on her face we can’t even see her real features. It’s again too much of eye shadow, blush and lipstick. When you stare at her for some time it begins to give you a really creepy image. Big makeup fail!



6. Green is probably her favorite color

Sure, you may like green so much you wanna do everything with green. Maybe your clothes, even the hair is ok. But painting your eyebrows green looks to be little too much. And…. they are way above the place they should be. Maybe a bit less green next time?



7. She has gone for the dreamy look, or……not

Why ruin your eyes with tons of eye shadow that doesn’t match you? And why would anyone draw their eyeliner curled up like that? We really have no idea. The eyes would look really creepy if you see this one at a party.



8. The MacDONALDS makeup

She really does look like she got the makeup from McDonald himself. The huge eyebrows and the lipstick that goes way over the lip lines gives this creepy look that’s sure to scare the hell outta you if you saw her in the dark.

macdonalds (1)


9. Rainbow on my face

This lady seems to be a fan of bright colors and rainbows. Sure, everybody loves rainbows right? But on our faces? Not so much. But she will probably tell you otherwise. Another one of the creepiest makeup fails.

makeup fails 9

10. She isn’t serious, is she?

The last but not the least, this is the creepiest of the makeup fails we could find. Two sets of eyebrows one below the other? So many eyelashes and lines and too much of eye shadow… and I don’t even have to talk about the lipstick to see how crazy this looks.