People are funny! Animals are funny too, don’t know who is funnier. We have some really funny animal shots on the internet. There are comedy wildlife photography competitions too. Don’t know who judges them, though chimps? Here are five very weirdly funny animal shots.

  1. Adios Amigos

Adios Amigos

Adios Amigos! I’m off to the city! They have cool cafes and nightclubs there, nothing boring like this old deserted woodland. I’ll send a postcard. Bye!

  1. The Posers

The Posers

“I won’t mind my kid squashing into juice, just click a photo!” Talk about funny animal shots! “Would you click it already? I have to cry for Mummy!”

  1. Hop Hop

Hop Hop

Up, up and away! That’s one bumpy ride, I tell you!

  1. Selfie Time

Selfi Time

Hey, you all chumps! I’m Olie the cat! Hey, why am I seeing a weird creature in the screen?

  1. The Shocked Baboon

The Shocked Baboon

Wait! What? They took that ugly baboon like thing as a model for these crackers?

Disaterous Hollywood Faces: Worst Plastic Surgery Fails Ever

Hollywood is obsessed with the plastic surgery and it is said that almost everyone had tried this once. It can be whether good, bad or sometimes even ugly. This cosmetic surgery has changed the faces of so many people. Ranging from lip fillers to botox, this surgery has become very popular, especially among the females Hollywood actresses. Many Hollywood actors have gone under the knife to enhance their physical appearance.

Have a look at our list of the worst plastic surgery fails. We have an epic collection of these Hollywood actors who tried to enhance their beauty through plastic surgery but unfortunately, it resulted in an epic failure of embarrassment. 

Heidi Montag:


Multiple plastic surgery exposures left this beauty unrecognizable. She must have a regret on her decision for the plastic surgery!

Ben Affleck:


With the new wrinkle free face and a new relationship she had undergone botox injections. You have adapted a different look, but it doesn’t suit you, man!

Caitlyn Jenner:


Caitlyn, you have been overloaded with the botox treatments. Your facelift and nose jobs have totally ruined your face! Please, it’s time to take a pause and have some rest.

Renee Zellweger:


This new unpleasant look of Renee is different, but she has lost her beauty somewhere in the cosmetic procedure.  Such a bad decision it was!

Donatella Versace:


Unlike her designs, her face has been an epic failure! You can’t get a new one lady. Enjoy with your plump pout.

Jocelyn Wildenstein:


Your multiple surgical procedures can’t take your husband back to your life. Accept the facts that your husband and your beauty have been gone now!

5 Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked…Could You Answer Any Of These?

People ask too many questions unlike me. I only ask four hundred and twenty-seven questions in a day. Anyway, I am sure, I am never as ridiculous as many others. Here are the 5 most ridiculous questions ever asked on the web.

  1. Weird Dreamer

weird dreamer

That you are a flop version of J. K. Rowling!

  1. Physique Issues

physique issues

You will multiply by 20!

  1. India’s Gravity Issues

India's Gravity Issues

No, India has kryptonite sucking it into the earth. What a ridiculous question!

  1. Batman’s birth

Batman's Birth

They downloaded him!

  1. What Specie is Obama?

what specie is obama

Most ridiculous question ever asked! Nah, he is partially a rodent! Dumb!

Worst Photoshop Fails Ever

Here we bring you the worst photoshop fails ever. Everybody loves Photoshop these days. You can manipulate your photos the way you want. You can add a picture or, you can crop your picture with many other enhanced editing tools. So, if you know the use of Photoshop properly, then you are the master of this world these days. Because everybody wants to Photoshop their pictures to the level of flawlessness. So, you must be a professional to use the Photoshop or else it will result into serious blunders whether you are editing a picture for your profile or a magazine. Here is the list of the hilarious Photoshop mistakes that are very hard to believe. Scroll down and enjoy the worst photoshop fails ever.

Get The Same Cheque As I Did!


Huhhh… when you don’t know your shadow will become an epic failure for your advertisement. The Shadows are always troublesome man! Such a creepy ad; better luck next time millionaire!

Mole Migration:


When you want to change your look, it’s easy to migrate your mole. Oops! Is this really your face now?

Let’s Try For A Little Workout!


When you want big abs, but you can’t motivate yourself to the workout. You have got a great solution for your laziness man!

Girl With An Invisible Arm:


This girl’s right arm has been missing. Don’t worry girl! We will find your arm soon.

Worst Daddy Muscles Ever:


I think his muscles are made by his son in his Microsoft paint classes. He almost did it! Nice try.

Broken Neck:


Don’t worry, no one will notice your broken neck. Between your curly hair looks great!

And You Think You Can Win The Contest With Five Fingers? Are They Enough?


You can play very well with five fingers, but what about the one with the six fingers?  Prepare you guys! This is going to be so hard.

You Can’t Stop Laughing! It Happens Only In Pakistan

Pakistan, the land of unpredictable happenings features scores of craziest people who have the hobby to do what others can’t even think of. If you want to enjoy the funniest scenes in real life, then come to Pakistan. We bring you these funniest scenes in the form of craziest pictures, what the call “it happens only in Pakistan”.

Let’s begin our countdown, and do not forget to enjoy till the and, because we have a surprise winner for you.

  1. At Your Service Sir!

At Your Service Sir

This man never bunked his class during his school days and now he doesn’t want to spoil his reputation by staying at home, despite having a great excuse of ‘unmanageable conditions’ which we see in the picture. Hats off! Keep working hard dear, your country needs you.

  1. Fool Proof Security

Fool Prrof Security

It shows how much Pakistani government is serious about its security issues. Now we understand why the terrorists face no resistance whatsoever in this country. May god bless the people of Pakistan!

  1. “Up Above the World So High”


up above the world so high

Somebody help, please! Hey… you, give me a hand, I need to unload this thing. Don’t worry dear! You’ll be back on your feet soon.

  1. ‘A Foolish Friend Will Kill You Sooner’

No Need of a wise enemy

Why fear from a wise enemy when you have a foolish friend to give you such a genius idea of using water to fight a high-power line, already set on fire. But this is Pakistan, so you can’t discard any possibility. It really happens in Pakistan.

  1. Pipeline through the Cave

Pipes in the cave

Don’t mistake this police officer for a mad stuntman. This daredevil belongs to Punjab Police and you can expect anything from these creatures. Seems as if he has got away with these stolen pipes.

  1. BTW! The Indian Police Wins the Competition

BTW! This Indian Wins the Competition

Our surprise winner comes from the neighboring country, India. Is this his way to take some rest during the duty hours? Or he has a childhood problem? Something is fishy, it can’t be a style. When it comes about resting your ass on a hard long stick, then we have to say “It happens only in India”.

OMG! Get Me Out Of Here, You Said It’ll Fun!!! Funny Roller Coaster Photos

Roller Coasters are so much fun, no? You can go crazy, totally nut and nobody really notices because they are being insane themselves. Crazy and funny! Here are the 6 funny roller coaster photos of all times. They are weirdly hilarious.

  1. Paying Homage

paying homage

What are these two Charlie Chaplins doing here? Celebrating their breakups or paying homage to themselves? Just one of funny roller coaster photos that are absurd enough to make you doubt human sanity.

  1. Morning Everyone!

Morning Everyone

These people went bankrupt and were thrown out by the bank so this is where you find them every morning! Like seriously! If they won’t read the paper on a ride there would be another Great Depression! And those two, they take a wake-up break from sleep every four hours!

  1. Hi, Mental Asylum?

Hi Mental Asylum

He is calling the Mental Asylum to report all those freaks he found in his ride. What a courteous soul!

  1. Our Very Own Scientists

Our Very Own Scientists

Their dads told them to be something in life. They have decided to prove Graham Bell was a fool!

  1. Seen The Death Angel

seen the angle of death

I haven’t seen a cuter angel of death I swear. Didn’t someone tell that freak it’s a kid and that kid certainly doesn’t know how to behave in a roller coaster?

  1. Practicing Dracula

practising dracula

They are practicing for Trick or Treat knocks on Halloween! Crazy people!

Top 5 Stupid Movie Mistakes That You Never Spotted Before

I am a movie-lover, who is that boring not to be one anyway? Hollywood has to have the best standards there are for any entertainment junkie to have his money served well. However, even the best have mistaken, no blundered! There are some stupid movie mistakes that you might have never noticed.

Following is the list of five stupid movie mistakes you might not have spotted before.

  1. North By Northwest



Look at that kid covering his ears before the gunshot! That’s why you shouldn’t have kids on the sets, they don’t know when to react! Annoying!

  1. Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

pirates of the caribbean

Since when have pirates become friends with cowboys? I’m sure that dummy is a crew member whom the director never noticed on the sets.

  1. The Dark knight

dark knight 1dark knight 2

Alright, since when have the corpses started walking? I don’t know what the world is coming to! Seriously, what a stupid blunder in a movie to have!

  1. Braveheart


So we are on a battlefield and the soldiers are setting off to ride straight at the enemy’s frontline while the residents go for a picnic in their white vans. Awesomeness! What a country!

  1. Gladiator


This is the setting of the Battle of Carthage in the Hollywood legendary, Gladiator. Someone, please enlighten me, I always barely passed history and mechanics, why in the world does a chariot need a gas power supply? Don’t tell me horses needed gas fuel back then!

Well, I Wasn’t Expecting This!!! Really Amazing Pictures From These DareDevils

Sometimes we don’t expect ordinary things to amaze us but on a few occasions, really amazing pictures leave us dumbfounded. Everybody loves to see such pictures that can brighten up their day. Therefore, we have selected some really amazing pictures to fill up your day with.

Don’t Disturb Me Please:


His girlfriend is dating someone else outside. Don’t be upset dude! Let her go and have some fun.

Thanks To This Deer:

2 (2)

When you have a selfie craze and you can’t resist!

When You Are Single:


What the hell is this dog doing in the bar? Do you really want a drink?

When You Are Screwed Up!


Why is this man holding a sewing machine in front of a car accident? Are you screwed up man?

When You Find No Human To Love You!


Wait a second dude! Deer marriages are not allowed. Please stay away.

Forever Alone Level:


When you have no siblings and your whole love is for your pets and toys!

It’s Time To Study:


I should take regular classes now. No one teaches me in the woods.

Can Somebody Help Me?


Is this how you guys use it? It’s not working man! Help me out.

A Chemistry Drink:


When all you need is a crazy drink from a crazy thing

The  Worst Nightmare:


Who is the responsible insane behind this? What the hell you tried to make?

10 creepiest makeup fails ever

We have found you a set of makeup fails so bizarre and creepy you are gonna cringe just by looking at them.

Girls wear makeup to highlight their facial features. A dab of lipstick on your lips, a nicely drawn eyebrow, bit of foundation to conceal your freckles is just enough to go out in the day isn’t it? But some of the following people  with biig makeup fails have not understood that at all. They seem to have used makeup to ruin their faces and don’t look like they have any idea at all about the mess they have made. Is it crayon on their faces or makeup? We have no idea.

1. Do you see the face under all the paint?

Now isn’t this a sight to see? Her eyebrows and lipstick looks like they were drawn on by a kid using felt pens. Even kids these days do a better job of sticking to the borderlines. And what’s with the huge dot on the side of her face?



2. Evil witch from sleeping beauty

This makeup fail is an epitome of creepiness. The eyebrows almost look like spider legs; and the lip liner? No girl, that’s not how you do it. I can’t even…. never mind. Let’s hope Disney takes some lessons on How to draw their witches next time from this lady.



3. Contouring gone wrong

Kim K does it so why not us? But you better learn how to contour first before you do it, let alone take selfies and put them up on social media. Or you might look like this lady in the picture. She looks creepy as hell!!


4. Dark lines, dark lines and too much dark lines

Erghhhh…. Why is it so hard for people to understand how to draw eyebrows? It’s all about enhancing the natural look. But not according to this girl I guess. Why connect them? And the black lip liner? What was she thinking?



5. There seems to be a face on her makeup

This one has so much of makeup on her face we can’t even see her real features. It’s again too much of eye shadow, blush and lipstick. When you stare at her for some time it begins to give you a really creepy image. Big makeup fail!



6. Green is probably her favorite color

Sure, you may like green so much you wanna do everything with green. Maybe your clothes, even the hair is ok. But painting your eyebrows green looks to be little too much. And…. they are way above the place they should be. Maybe a bit less green next time?



7. She has gone for the dreamy look, or……not

Why ruin your eyes with tons of eye shadow that doesn’t match you? And why would anyone draw their eyeliner curled up like that? We really have no idea. The eyes would look really creepy if you see this one at a party.



8. The MacDONALDS makeup

She really does look like she got the makeup from McDonald himself. The huge eyebrows and the lipstick that goes way over the lip lines gives this creepy look that’s sure to scare the hell outta you if you saw her in the dark.

macdonalds (1)


9. Rainbow on my face

This lady seems to be a fan of bright colors and rainbows. Sure, everybody loves rainbows right? But on our faces? Not so much. But she will probably tell you otherwise. Another one of the creepiest makeup fails.

makeup fails 9

10. She isn’t serious, is she?

The last but not the least, this is the creepiest of the makeup fails we could find. Two sets of eyebrows one below the other? So many eyelashes and lines and too much of eye shadow… and I don’t even have to talk about the lipstick to see how crazy this looks.


Home Alone: These Crazy Kids Are Quick To Turn Into Anything They Want

Although we like kids very much and they are the prettiest when they act naughty. Crazy kids are our angels and every angel is unique and attractive to us. But the kids between 2 – 4 years of age are very naughty and when they do something more than ordinary, they catch our attention very rapidly. Babies are the ultimate reasons for our joy and happiness and they make us laugh so hard when there is no way to even smile.

Here, we have come up with a collection of crazy kids taking charge while they home alone. Every kid does things like this when they are left alone by their mum. Have you ever caught your baby doing anything like this? This is hilarious. Have a look at these hilarious kids to get an idea what your own baby could do in your absence. Scroll down and enjoy every picture.

When Your Baby Is A Trend Setter


When your parents are not at home, and you want to become a new trend setter. Oops! This was the only thing available. Wait! What about the other heroes?

Future Artist


This baby discovered that he has his sketchbook right in front of him. Carry on your painting baby you will be a great painter one day.

 Creativity at Its Peak


Your girl is very artistic. She knows the use of toilet paper very well. She will be very high one day!

 Jewelry Lover


When you don’t allow your daughter to wear jewellery. Oops! This is how she found her way.

 When Eating Is Your Passion


I wanted to eat chocolate mum! You can never hide it from me.

 Come On Boys


All the chain smokers! You are invited to my home friends. Let’s have some party, I got a pack from my father’s pocket.

 The Dark Knight


The dark knight in the daylight, it’s only when mum and dad are not at home.

 Combo Of A Spiderman And A Painter


I am a Spiderman and a painter too. Because mum is not at home!

 Threat To The Dad:


Dad, let me date with her!  or else, forget about your phone.

The face of a new father

Stylish Funny Dogs in Gorgeous Menswear: They Really Outrun The Celebs

Funny dogs are always adorable and gorgeous for most of their lovers but these dogs have something special. We bring you some stylish funny dogs dressed up in cool outfits. These pets simply grab our attention and one may think of breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend and get on with one of these lovely creatures.


This cute Winky baby caught cold despite a thick fur. Get Well Soon dear!


Well, she is out of mood or may be out of her comfort zone. Please! somebody get off her jacket or loosen the zip a bit lower.


Be careful please, don’t spoil my lovely suit. Please! somebody get him a tissue paper before it melts.


No discounts at my store. Please refer to the price list before ordering the products. Hey You! Don’t touch anything prior to the payment.



Welcome to my office! Oh no, these magazines are 16+, please verify your age before having a look at them.


Godfather is back with a new look. Isn’t it crazy to watch men dressed up like this? Oh yes, dogs are best suited in these costumes.


Please accept this little gift, please! I am sorry I was away for a few days for my professional commitments. You see they keep on making me stand in front of camera for hours 🙁 

Love Kittens? Do You One Like These?

Kittens are so cute, you want to cuddle them. Their eyes are like stones, so attractive. Kittens can be as funny and weird as cute they are. Have you ever seen a kitten rolling on a bean bag or sleeping in a jar? You have missed an adorably hilarious moment then! Here are some funny kittens for you.

Mr Big Mouth

Mr Big Mouth

Like seriously? A yawn that big has to be of chimp! Either this fellow is a born sleeper or he goes to the dentist a lot. Weird thing!

The Vine Glass Sleeper

vine glass

Fantastic! What a cool dude, sell all the beds in the house! He doesn’t need one! What is he? Rubber band man?

The La La La Kitten

Playful tabby male kitten, Fosset, 10 weeks old, dancing

Where did he learn that dance? I mean which dancing school tells a cat to stand on two paws and go la la la? What is he reacting to? Ronaldo finally winning an international tournament?

The Troll


Here’s a tongue out if were looking for the crook who stole all the milk from your house! This weird kitten looks to be the troll in the house. Funny guy!

The Shoe Lover

shoe lover

Check all the boots before you put your foot in them, you might just find a fluffy little strange, rather weird kitten sleeping in there.

The Winner


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the kitten that came first at sleeping the most in the house. A creepy celebration style has this weirdo, could learn a thing or two from Nadal maybe.

The Shocked Kitten


His girlfriend ditched him for another dude and he caught them on a date! One weird kitten, indeed. Move on, kiddo! Subtract the x, don’t you know the algebra?

The Snow White


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the whitest of all? And the mirror told her it was the girl next door, the one her guy has been watching. Save the white shoe polish, she is eying that!

Want to Change Your Mood? Babies with Funniest Expressions Never Seen Before

Every baby picture is very attractive and these little angles are always the prettiest ones. But these angels look more cute and adorable when they do something extra-ordinary. Our love for these babies is always natural and they are the reason for our smile and happiness. Babies provide us multiple reasons to live and feel the joy with them and give them our love that they actually need.

Every baby-smile fills our life with happiness and joys. Here are some of the naughtiest, cute and funny pictures of some babies that will make you laugh so hard or if you are in some serious tension, they will at least bring a smile on your face that is hidden somewhere behind all these worries.  We have the latest, funny and silly baby pictures that will give a lol to every parent in the world looking at these pictures and these all pictures actually worth it. Let us have a look at the countdown of the kids with funniest expressions.

# 10


I kept awake everyone last night, yeah! I am successful. Oh no! I have the same plans for tonight. Get ready mom and dad. It will be fun!

# 9


My girlfriend is waiting for me dad, please let me go or else I will pay the bill. Oh yes, I look cute like this, but I don’t have money!

 # 8



Why do you look at me like this? It angers me.  Just grab your things and get the hell out of here!

# 7


I am rehearsing for my music competition. Please don’t disturb me and go away. Scroll down, don’t stay here I am busy.

# 6


I got caught with my girlfriend last night. I hope you will not mind dad. She is my love!

# 5


Hey man don’t disturb me, I am out of my mood. And still confused why she left me! I think it’s a good time to take a nap.

# 4


I am dreaming about my girlfriend and I am loving it. Please don’t disturb me this time.

# 3


To live a healthy life, you have to eat! But Mom, I don’t like it! Please take it away. 

# 2


Tell me grandma who is the prettiest girl in the whole world? I gave up. I can’t wait more, Please take me to her.

# 1


But why I never get a faithful girl? Every girl leaves me. I will not talk to anyone now! Enough is enough.

7 Cartoon Characters That Can Make Anyone Laugh

Burst the bubble, folks! It isn’t only the kids who laugh at cartoon characters and their silliness. Pulling the gags, screaming in the street, rolling on the stairs or saying anything and everything cartoon characters can make anyone’s day. Anyone at any age and under any circumstances can be cracked up, all you need is a comical toon. Here are the seven cartoon characters that can make anyone laugh.

1.Tom and Jerry


Top of the list is the world’s craziest cat and mouse duo! Count them as one because there’s no fun without them being together. Tom has never succeeded in catching Jerry and the latter has never missed a chance of making a chaos in the house, the story since 1940! They can’t live together without turning the house upside down but you dare try to separate them, you are sure to get a pie treat or a door slammed in your face.

2. Bugs Bunny


“Eh… What’s up, Doc?” And chews the carrot. Cut! Bugs Bunny has to be the funniest rabbit on planet Earth ever. This carrot munching grey and white rabbit has a classic sense of humour, pulls everyone’s legs and he is a little… just a little… Okay, more than a little snobbish… There can be nothing in that burrow of his but it’s never short of mischief for sure. “What’s all the hubbub, bub?” Find out with Bugs!

3. Homer Simpson


“Oh, so they have internet on computers now?” Yes Homer and you are sixty now. Homer Jay Simpson is dumbest family head ever that I know. He is bald with a tummy bulging out, lazy, gawky and quite ignorant and he loves his family a lot. “Well, it’s 1:00 AM, better go home and spend some quality time with the kids!” That’ about Homer and his 188 different jobs of course. The yellow guy is never quite mellow!

4. Mickey Mouse


“Sorry, I’m late everybody! I had to stop by the bank. I was overdrawn.” Red shots, yellow boots and white gloves… who doesn’t recognize the Walt Disney legendary, the Mickey Mouse! Micky is comical, hilarious at his best. He along with his friends, specifically Donald Duck is the best entertainer you can find on the stage. Mickey has to be the most adored mouse, he can make you laugh anytime.

5. Daffy Duck


“Wabbit Season!” Daffy Duck adds just a lot more fun, humour and comic to the Lonny Toons. This angry young duck is an entertainer. The way it reacts, speaks and expresses is too much for any little duck. A not so very brave duck but the one with a big mouth, greedy!

6. Spongebob Squarepants


He is square, he is yellow and he lives in a pineapple. What else would you want? He is hilarious. His laughter is contagious, mind you! He is very smart too you know, “It’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret thereby secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets, secretly!” Got that? Good!

7. Stewie Griffin


“Amazing. One second of a stranger’s voice on phone and you have got full Bollywood!” That’s the youngest character from The Family Guy telling you that. The meanie little evil child has to be one of the funniest characters ever. He is a villain, a total villain. This child can turn everything upside down. You don’t want your one year old to be a Stewie, take my word on it.