Hollywood is obsessed with the plastic surgery and it is said that almost everyone had tried this once. It can be whether good, bad or sometimes even ugly. This cosmetic surgery has changed the faces of so many people. Ranging from lip fillers to botox, this surgery has become very popular, especially among the females Hollywood actresses. Many Hollywood actors have gone under the knife to enhance their physical appearance.

Have a look at our list of the worst plastic surgery fails. We have an epic collection of these Hollywood actors who tried to enhance their beauty through plastic surgery but unfortunately, it resulted in an epic failure of embarrassment. 

Heidi Montag:


Multiple plastic surgery exposures left this beauty unrecognizable. She must have a regret on her decision for the plastic surgery!

Ben Affleck:


With the new wrinkle free face and a new relationship she had undergone botox injections. You have adapted a different look, but it doesn’t suit you, man!

Caitlyn Jenner:


Caitlyn, you have been overloaded with the botox treatments. Your facelift and nose jobs have totally ruined your face! Please, it’s time to take a pause and have some rest.

Renee Zellweger:


This new unpleasant look of Renee is different, but she has lost her beauty somewhere in the cosmetic procedure.  Such a bad decision it was!

Donatella Versace:


Unlike her designs, her face has been an epic failure! You can’t get a new one lady. Enjoy with your plump pout.

Jocelyn Wildenstein:


Your multiple surgical procedures can’t take your husband back to your life. Accept the facts that your husband and your beauty have been gone now!

Top 5 Stupid Movie Mistakes That You Never Spotted Before

I am a movie-lover, who is that boring not to be one anyway? Hollywood has to have the best standards there are for any entertainment junkie to have his money served well. However, even the best have mistaken, no blundered! There are some stupid movie mistakes that you might have never noticed.

Following is the list of five stupid movie mistakes you might not have spotted before.

  1. North By Northwest



Look at that kid covering his ears before the gunshot! That’s why you shouldn’t have kids on the sets, they don’t know when to react! Annoying!

  1. Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

pirates of the caribbean

Since when have pirates become friends with cowboys? I’m sure that dummy is a crew member whom the director never noticed on the sets.

  1. The Dark knight

dark knight 1dark knight 2

Alright, since when have the corpses started walking? I don’t know what the world is coming to! Seriously, what a stupid blunder in a movie to have!

  1. Braveheart


So we are on a battlefield and the soldiers are setting off to ride straight at the enemy’s frontline while the residents go for a picnic in their white vans. Awesomeness! What a country!

  1. Gladiator


This is the setting of the Battle of Carthage in the Hollywood legendary, Gladiator. Someone, please enlighten me, I always barely passed history and mechanics, why in the world does a chariot need a gas power supply? Don’t tell me horses needed gas fuel back then!