Although we like kids very much and they are the prettiest when they act naughty. Crazy kids are our angels and every angel is unique and attractive to us. But the kids between 2 – 4 years of age are very naughty and when they do something more than ordinary, they catch our attention very rapidly. Babies are the ultimate reasons for our joy and happiness and they make us laugh so hard when there is no way to even smile.

Here, we have come up with a collection of crazy kids taking charge while they home alone. Every kid does things like this when they are left alone by their mum. Have you ever caught your baby doing anything like this? This is hilarious. Have a look at these hilarious kids to get an idea what your own baby could do in your absence. Scroll down and enjoy every picture.

When Your Baby Is A Trend Setter


When your parents are not at home, and you want to become a new trend setter. Oops! This was the only thing available. Wait! What about the other heroes?

Future Artist


This baby discovered that he has his sketchbook right in front of him. Carry on your painting baby you will be a great painter one day.

 Creativity at Its Peak


Your girl is very artistic. She knows the use of toilet paper very well. She will be very high one day!

 Jewelry Lover


When you don’t allow your daughter to wear jewellery. Oops! This is how she found her way.

 When Eating Is Your Passion


I wanted to eat chocolate mum! You can never hide it from me.

 Come On Boys


All the chain smokers! You are invited to my home friends. Let’s have some party, I got a pack from my father’s pocket.

 The Dark Knight


The dark knight in the daylight, it’s only when mum and dad are not at home.

 Combo Of A Spiderman And A Painter


I am a Spiderman and a painter too. Because mum is not at home!

 Threat To The Dad:


Dad, let me date with her!  or else, forget about your phone.

Want to Change Your Mood? Babies with Funniest Expressions Never Seen Before

Every baby picture is very attractive and these little angles are always the prettiest ones. But these angels look more cute and adorable when they do something extra-ordinary. Our love for these babies is always natural and they are the reason for our smile and happiness. Babies provide us multiple reasons to live and feel the joy with them and give them our love that they actually need.

Every baby-smile fills our life with happiness and joys. Here are some of the naughtiest, cute and funny pictures of some babies that will make you laugh so hard or if you are in some serious tension, they will at least bring a smile on your face that is hidden somewhere behind all these worries.  We have the latest, funny and silly baby pictures that will give a lol to every parent in the world looking at these pictures and these all pictures actually worth it. Let us have a look at the countdown of the kids with funniest expressions.

# 10


I kept awake everyone last night, yeah! I am successful. Oh no! I have the same plans for tonight. Get ready mom and dad. It will be fun!

# 9


My girlfriend is waiting for me dad, please let me go or else I will pay the bill. Oh yes, I look cute like this, but I don’t have money!

 # 8



Why do you look at me like this? It angers me.  Just grab your things and get the hell out of here!

# 7


I am rehearsing for my music competition. Please don’t disturb me and go away. Scroll down, don’t stay here I am busy.

# 6


I got caught with my girlfriend last night. I hope you will not mind dad. She is my love!

# 5


Hey man don’t disturb me, I am out of my mood. And still confused why she left me! I think it’s a good time to take a nap.

# 4


I am dreaming about my girlfriend and I am loving it. Please don’t disturb me this time.

# 3


To live a healthy life, you have to eat! But Mom, I don’t like it! Please take it away. 

# 2


Tell me grandma who is the prettiest girl in the whole world? I gave up. I can’t wait more, Please take me to her.

# 1


But why I never get a faithful girl? Every girl leaves me. I will not talk to anyone now! Enough is enough.