Kittens are so cute, you want to cuddle them. Their eyes are like stones, so attractive. Kittens can be as funny and weird as cute they are. Have you ever seen a kitten rolling on a bean bag or sleeping in a jar? You have missed an adorably hilarious moment then! Here are some funny kittens for you.

Mr Big Mouth

Mr Big Mouth

Like seriously? A yawn that big has to be of chimp! Either this fellow is a born sleeper or he goes to the dentist a lot. Weird thing!

The Vine Glass Sleeper

vine glass

Fantastic! What a cool dude, sell all the beds in the house! He doesn’t need one! What is he? Rubber band man?

The La La La Kitten

Playful tabby male kitten, Fosset, 10 weeks old, dancing

Where did he learn that dance? I mean which dancing school tells a cat to stand on two paws and go la la la? What is he reacting to? Ronaldo finally winning an international tournament?

The Troll


Here’s a tongue out if were looking for the crook who stole all the milk from your house! This weird kitten looks to be the troll in the house. Funny guy!

The Shoe Lover

shoe lover

Check all the boots before you put your foot in them, you might just find a fluffy little strange, rather weird kitten sleeping in there.

The Winner


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the kitten that came first at sleeping the most in the house. A creepy celebration style has this weirdo, could learn a thing or two from Nadal maybe.

The Shocked Kitten


His girlfriend ditched him for another dude and he caught them on a date! One weird kitten, indeed. Move on, kiddo! Subtract the x, don’t you know the algebra?

The Snow White


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the whitest of all? And the mirror told her it was the girl next door, the one her guy has been watching. Save the white shoe polish, she is eying that!