Pokémon GO was released only a few days ago but it spread like wildfire around the world. This augmented reality mobile game was a new experience for most. With its insane popularity, it didn’t take much time for Pokemon GO memes to surface on social media. Here are some of the funniest Pokemon GO memes floating around right now.These are bound to give you some laughs even of you play the game or not.

1.  Pokémon GO is better than the hot guy


So apparently Pokémon GO is more important than any guy at bar ever will be. Just steal his Pokémon when he asks for your number 😉

2.  Oops! That’s not a Pokémon


This guy got a goose mistaken for a Pokémon. And it looks like he’s got a mean treatment.

 3.  The new art of kidnapping


The obsession with this game is so damn high, and this meme can actually be true. People are willing to do anything to catch the Pokémon now.

4.  More exercise for the mobile gamers

Pokémon GO players are gonna be the people with the best work out bodies in a few months.

5.  Anything for Pokémon


Alone time with bae? Nope, gotta study. But Pokémon in her backyard? Hell yeah I’m coming!!

6.  Cop pulled over? Still gotta catch that Pokemon


The annoying little creature is hiding behind the policeman. I can’t waste my time worrying about a ticket, can I?

7.  Pokémon GO has changed EVERYthing


Video games have become an outside sport now. Moms won’t have to force their kids to go out and play again. Because they’ll anyway be outside playing Pokémon GO.

8.  Not always the wonderful journey


It’s not always the easy gameplay they show in trailers, running around in the open surrounded by lush greenery. The Pokémon you are looking for can even be in a public toilet, or worse, in a toilet of the opposite gender.

9.  I just need the Pokémon


Pokémon GO players are just a bit too obsessed with the game to get into other people’s lawns, houses…… and even Area 51?

10.  Substitute for exercise in a few months


So in the near future, Pokémon GO might be considered as real exercise huh?