Roller Coasters are so much fun, no? You can go crazy, totally nut and nobody really notices because they are being insane themselves. Crazy and funny! Here are the 6 funny roller coaster photos of all times. They are weirdly hilarious.

  1. Paying Homage

paying homage

What are these two Charlie Chaplins doing here? Celebrating their breakups or paying homage to themselves? Just one of funny roller coaster photos that are absurd enough to make you doubt human sanity.

  1. Morning Everyone!

Morning Everyone

These people went bankrupt and were thrown out by the bank so this is where you find them every morning! Like seriously! If they won’t read the paper on a ride there would be another Great Depression! And those two, they take a wake-up break from sleep every four hours!

  1. Hi, Mental Asylum?

Hi Mental Asylum

He is calling the Mental Asylum to report all those freaks he found in his ride. What a courteous soul!

  1. Our Very Own Scientists

Our Very Own Scientists

Their dads told them to be something in life. They have decided to prove Graham Bell was a fool!

  1. Seen The Death Angel

seen the angle of death

I haven’t seen a cuter angel of death I swear. Didn’t someone tell that freak it’s a kid and that kid certainly doesn’t know how to behave in a roller coaster?

  1. Practicing Dracula

practising dracula

They are practicing for Trick or Treat knocks on Halloween! Crazy people!