Can you imagine to wear funny wedding dresses on the most important day of your life? I always thought the wedding day was the most special day of one’s life and they had to look their best. Yeah, fashionable as well. But who on the planet said you had to look absurd, actually bizarre on your wedding day? Here are six very absurd wedding dresses that nobody would want on their wedding day! I’m serious!

The Mummy

the mummy

Shouldn’t you be marrying a very classy, beautiful girl? Dude, I’d run away to Krypton if you told me to marry a mummy! What on the planet is this Egyptian ghost cape!

Newspaper Recycle Bin

Newspaper Recycke Bin

So this is for environmental protection! They recycled all the trashed newspapers in town and glued them together for her wedding dress! How thoughtful!

The Fancy Lights Show

Fancy Lights Show

So we decided not to make any expenses on the décor rather we made her dress into a fancy lights show! Lights and entertainment in one, that’s saving! How frugal! One absurd wedding dress is this!

The Fiber Factory

fiber factory

Instead of approaching a designer they probably asked their electrician to make a wedding dress for her! How fashionable!

The Ugly Mermaid

Ugly mermaid

He got married in the line of duty, a salute to patriotism. But what’s with her? Who’s she? Captain of the mermaid force? Mind you, very ugly military uniform for a wedding if that is one!

The Hello kitty

Hello kitty

Damn, there was no other way of expressing hello kitty fandom? Are your seriously serious about a wedding dress here? Absurd wedding dresses to choose from!

This Woman is Crazy- She Went On Honeymoon Without Her Husband!

Honeymoon is the dream of every woman that she wants to make memorable with her and only her husband. But what if she has to go alone? You won’t imagine to do that but a lady from Lahore, Pakistan, Huma Mobin did that! Yes, she went on honeymoon without her husband! You would call her crazy but see how she made her journey interesting with her mother-in-law and father-in-law.


She did the same thing- gave a camera to her mother-in-law and instructed her to take numerous pictures in which, she was having a bad expression that she is missing Mobin badly.



When Huma Mobin and her husband applied for visa to go to Greece, they got disappointed when she got the visa while her husband was rejected! Initially, she was really disappointed and thought of not going without him because it’s time for the couple to add beautiful memories to their lives and the idea to go alone is not more than a boring journey. But, when her husband and in-laws insisted that she should not loss this opportunity, Huma decided to go on her honeymoon without her better half! It seem crazy and useless when she landed on Greece, but with her in-laws, she made every single moment memorable and had an amazing time with her in-laws.




Since she kept on missing him throughout her journey, the idea to let him know hit when she remembered the picture, her husband sent when he was on a trip to Budapest and sent a picture showing how much he was missing her.



So now, you can think of going on honeymoon alone and let your better-half know how much you are missing him/her! Don’t loss any opportunity to enjoy things in your life.