Hollywood is obsessed with the plastic surgery and it is said that almost everyone had tried this once. It can be whether good, bad or sometimes even ugly. This cosmetic surgery has changed the faces of so many people. Ranging from lip fillers to botox, this surgery has become very popular, especially among the females Hollywood actresses. Many Hollywood actors have gone under the knife to enhance their physical appearance.

Have a look at our list of the worst plastic surgery fails. We have an epic collection of these Hollywood actors who tried to enhance their beauty through plastic surgery but unfortunately, it resulted in an epic failure of embarrassment. 

Heidi Montag:


Multiple plastic surgery exposures left this beauty unrecognizable. She must have a regret on her decision for the plastic surgery!

Ben Affleck:


With the new wrinkle free face and a new relationship she had undergone botox injections. You have adapted a different look, but it doesn’t suit you, man!

Caitlyn Jenner:


Caitlyn, you have been overloaded with the botox treatments. Your facelift and nose jobs have totally ruined your face! Please, it’s time to take a pause and have some rest.

Renee Zellweger:


This new unpleasant look of Renee is different, but she has lost her beauty somewhere in the cosmetic procedure.  Such a bad decision it was!

Donatella Versace:


Unlike her designs, her face has been an epic failure! You can’t get a new one lady. Enjoy with your plump pout.

Jocelyn Wildenstein:


Your multiple surgical procedures can’t take your husband back to your life. Accept the facts that your husband and your beauty have been gone now!

5 Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked…Could You Answer Any Of These?

People ask too many questions unlike me. I only ask four hundred and twenty-seven questions in a day. Anyway, I am sure, I am never as ridiculous as many others. Here are the 5 most ridiculous questions ever asked on the web.

  1. Weird Dreamer

weird dreamer

That you are a flop version of J. K. Rowling!

  1. Physique Issues

physique issues

You will multiply by 20!

  1. India’s Gravity Issues

India's Gravity Issues

No, India has kryptonite sucking it into the earth. What a ridiculous question!

  1. Batman’s birth

Batman's Birth

They downloaded him!

  1. What Specie is Obama?

what specie is obama

Most ridiculous question ever asked! Nah, he is partially a rodent! Dumb!

You Can’t Stop Laughing! It Happens Only In Pakistan

Pakistan, the land of unpredictable happenings features scores of craziest people who have the hobby to do what others can’t even think of. If you want to enjoy the funniest scenes in real life, then come to Pakistan. We bring you these funniest scenes in the form of craziest pictures, what the call “it happens only in Pakistan”.

Let’s begin our countdown, and do not forget to enjoy till the and, because we have a surprise winner for you.

  1. At Your Service Sir!

At Your Service Sir

This man never bunked his class during his school days and now he doesn’t want to spoil his reputation by staying at home, despite having a great excuse of ‘unmanageable conditions’ which we see in the picture. Hats off! Keep working hard dear, your country needs you.

  1. Fool Proof Security

Fool Prrof Security

It shows how much Pakistani government is serious about its security issues. Now we understand why the terrorists face no resistance whatsoever in this country. May god bless the people of Pakistan!

  1. “Up Above the World So High”


up above the world so high

Somebody help, please! Hey… you, give me a hand, I need to unload this thing. Don’t worry dear! You’ll be back on your feet soon.

  1. ‘A Foolish Friend Will Kill You Sooner’

No Need of a wise enemy

Why fear from a wise enemy when you have a foolish friend to give you such a genius idea of using water to fight a high-power line, already set on fire. But this is Pakistan, so you can’t discard any possibility. It really happens in Pakistan.

  1. Pipeline through the Cave

Pipes in the cave

Don’t mistake this police officer for a mad stuntman. This daredevil belongs to Punjab Police and you can expect anything from these creatures. Seems as if he has got away with these stolen pipes.

  1. BTW! The Indian Police Wins the Competition

BTW! This Indian Wins the Competition

Our surprise winner comes from the neighboring country, India. Is this his way to take some rest during the duty hours? Or he has a childhood problem? Something is fishy, it can’t be a style. When it comes about resting your ass on a hard long stick, then we have to say “It happens only in India”.

Top 4 Craziest Moments In Sports

Sports can be crazy, very, very crazy I swear. Some of the craziest things ever in human history have happened on the sports fields. Imagine something crazy happens and the cameraman captures it? Here are the four craziest moments captured on sports fields.

4) The Knock-Out Kick

Knock Out Kick

Someone should find the guy who kicked this ball! Dude, you aren’t in a boxing ring trying to knock the poor guy out! And what’s up with him? Watching his girlfriend up in the stands? Well, that’s quite a wake-up call then!

3) The Desperate Defender

desperate defender

I have seen defenders going nuts, chasing forwards like a hound but what is this man? He should be charged with harassment I tell you, desperate dude!

2) The Damn It Moment

The Damn It Moment

“Damn It! This fancy double spin dive’s gonna cost me my swim suit!”

1) Pit Licker

pit licker

This guy has serious taste issues! I don’t know what kind of food he has been having! Sweat soup? Yuck! Tis freak tops the list for 4 craziest moments on sports fields.

Well, I Wasn’t Expecting This!!! Really Amazing Pictures From These DareDevils

Sometimes we don’t expect ordinary things to amaze us but on a few occasions, really amazing pictures leave us dumbfounded. Everybody loves to see such pictures that can brighten up their day. Therefore, we have selected some really amazing pictures to fill up your day with.

Don’t Disturb Me Please:


His girlfriend is dating someone else outside. Don’t be upset dude! Let her go and have some fun.

Thanks To This Deer:

2 (2)

When you have a selfie craze and you can’t resist!

When You Are Single:


What the hell is this dog doing in the bar? Do you really want a drink?

When You Are Screwed Up!


Why is this man holding a sewing machine in front of a car accident? Are you screwed up man?

When You Find No Human To Love You!


Wait a second dude! Deer marriages are not allowed. Please stay away.

Forever Alone Level:


When you have no siblings and your whole love is for your pets and toys!

It’s Time To Study:


I should take regular classes now. No one teaches me in the woods.

Can Somebody Help Me?


Is this how you guys use it? It’s not working man! Help me out.

A Chemistry Drink:


When all you need is a crazy drink from a crazy thing

The  Worst Nightmare:


Who is the responsible insane behind this? What the hell you tried to make?

What The Hell On Earth Is This???

People always love to watch hilarious pictures but nobody dares do something like this. The internet is full of the creepiest and hilarious pictures that really give you a WTF moment at the time. Now it’s time to go through a list of these pictures so that people can say ‘What The F*** Is This?’

Every picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures are not created for this. Therefore, we have come up with the most bizarre photos that are the weirdest and unexplainable. Scroll down and you will definitely say ‘What The F***’. Don’t forget to watch the last one, It’s the creepiest picture I have ever seen.

  1. Walking The Snakes? Not A Good Idea!


What this man is doing with the snakes in the street? I mean are these snakes his pets now? This is totally insane, Man!

  1. Real Love:


Don’t try to touch the monkey, this cat will not leave you! Such a pathetic couple they are. Stay away dogs, they are madly in love!

  1. How Is This Possible?


How did this happen? The person who did this really deserves to be screwed!

  1. Superman With The Superbike:


Want to ride a superbike? This man has really invented something new. Let’s have a ride on it!

  1. Let’s Have A Drink:


Have a beer baby. Come on, let’s have some fun, you need beer too!

  1. Share A Coke With The Hitler:


Some people will never stop loving Hitler. Share a coke with him.

  1. She Needs Real Oxygen:


This world is highly populated. But wait! What the hell is this girl thinking with the small plant she is carrying with her?

  1. God Of The Foodies:


Is it really a new kind of jewellery for the foodies? This is really a crap!

  1. When Science Fails:


When did this cloning go wrong? A dog and a horse? Not a good combo man! Try something new.

  1. WTF: Rest In Peace!


When Mr. WTF died? No one knows about his death!


These Weird Cars Will Make You Think Of Something Else!!!

I don’t know why BMW and Mercedes spend that much on elegant, decent cars. I mean, look at these weird cars, why can’t they design such awesomely stylish cars. Poor people have to do it themselves. There is nothing wrong with these, just some weird cars you know.

The Moving Orchard

Moving lawn

They made a good use of their lawn mower and voila, what a magnificent environment-friendly car they have made. I bet it gives fruits too. Yum!

The Cardboard Project

Cardboard project

So their son had a school project, he had to make an artwork out of cardboard. So they made him this for full marks!

The Furry Ride

Furry Ride

For the love of fur! I mean get yourself a cat maybe? Whose car is this? Cat-girl? I don’t assume she needs one, though!

The Fancy Ghost Ride

Fancy ghost ride

The Japanese people have some vivid imagination or possibly they make friends with weird creatures, weird cars they make anyway!

The Table For 4

Tabke For 4

You don’t need to make reservations anywhere. You have your table, just park outside, honk and place the order. Poor waiter will have to come an extra mile, though. Weird car, meh!

Oo0oOhhh!!! How Dare You Wear These Crazy Hairstyles?

I dare you all, wear any of these five crazy hairstyles. These are ridiculously crazy and funny. Check them out.

Tree on Your Head


Which fruit does this tree bear? And where can I build my treehouse? Hmm! Up in the centre may be? Crazy lady!

Uncle Ted

Uncle ted

“Hi Uncle Ted! How are you?” Uncle Ted doesn’t seem to be very happy today. “Say, Uncle Ted! You awake?” Turns. “He isn’t and he isn’t your Uncle Ted either, it’s my head! I’m Bill! Hi!”

Giant Lizard

Giant Lizard

Talk about crazy hairstyles! What’s up with this guy? I can’t bear a lizard on TV he has one on his head!

The Picnic Basket

picnic basket

Alright, what is this giant rainbow colored marshmallow cane on her head? What do they use it for? Carrying her around like a picnic basket?

Ice Cream Cones


“Mommy! I want those giant ice cream cones! Please!” Yeah, eat hair! What craziness is this?

This Woman is Crazy- She Went On Honeymoon Without Her Husband!

Honeymoon is the dream of every woman that she wants to make memorable with her and only her husband. But what if she has to go alone? You won’t imagine to do that but a lady from Lahore, Pakistan, Huma Mobin did that! Yes, she went on honeymoon without her husband! You would call her crazy but see how she made her journey interesting with her mother-in-law and father-in-law.


She did the same thing- gave a camera to her mother-in-law and instructed her to take numerous pictures in which, she was having a bad expression that she is missing Mobin badly.



When Huma Mobin and her husband applied for visa to go to Greece, they got disappointed when she got the visa while her husband was rejected! Initially, she was really disappointed and thought of not going without him because it’s time for the couple to add beautiful memories to their lives and the idea to go alone is not more than a boring journey. But, when her husband and in-laws insisted that she should not loss this opportunity, Huma decided to go on her honeymoon without her better half! It seem crazy and useless when she landed on Greece, but with her in-laws, she made every single moment memorable and had an amazing time with her in-laws.




Since she kept on missing him throughout her journey, the idea to let him know hit when she remembered the picture, her husband sent when he was on a trip to Budapest and sent a picture showing how much he was missing her.



So now, you can think of going on honeymoon alone and let your better-half know how much you are missing him/her! Don’t loss any opportunity to enjoy things in your life.