Top 4 Craziest Moments In Sports

Sports can be crazy, very, very crazy I swear. Some of the craziest things ever in human history have happened on the sports fields. Imagine something crazy happens and the cameraman captures it? Here are the four craziest moments captured on sports fields.

4) The Knock-Out Kick

Knock Out Kick

Someone should find the guy who kicked this ball! Dude, you aren’t in a boxing ring trying to knock the poor guy out! And what’s up with him? Watching his girlfriend up in the stands? Well, that’s quite a wake-up call then!

3) The Desperate Defender

desperate defender

I have seen defenders going nuts, chasing forwards like a hound but what is this man? He should be charged with harassment I tell you, desperate dude!

2) The Damn It Moment

The Damn It Moment

“Damn It! This fancy double spin dive’s gonna cost me my swim suit!”

1) Pit Licker

pit licker

This guy has serious taste issues! I don’t know what kind of food he has been having! Sweat soup? Yuck! Tis freak tops the list for 4 craziest moments on sports fields.