WTF! 9 Funniest And Creepiest Pictures That You Have Never Seen Before On The Internet

Although it is very hard to believe these creepiest pictures, but they are actually true. Have you ever seen a dog acting as a superman? No. Then we have a hilarious picture of a dog who is going for the help as a superman.

If you are browsing on the web to pass your time, then you might have come to the right place. Everyone finds ways to laugh or sometimes even smile. It is the best therapy for every type of problem. We have come up with a few picture collections that will make you laugh so hard. Here is a collection of these hilarious photos that you will enjoy most. These are the creepiest things I have ever seen on the internet. So, scroll down and enjoy all these creepiest pictures.

Superman On His Way


Hey man! Get aside. This superman is going to help out there. Between, how I look in my new Superman Costume?

You Are In Bestie


Going for a trip with my best friends. Come on guys, hurry up! We are already very late.

When You Miss Your Pet


I am missing my hen, I wish I would bring her here so we could shop together. Between what do you like my new friend?

Oranges Lover


I can’t resist my love for the oranges. Enough is enough. I will not live for a single moment without them now!

Batman Style


When you can’t find any other way to express your love for the Batman.

Thirsty Crow


When you haven’t paid your water supply bill, Ew man! Are you really very thirsty to drink from the toilet?

Thug Life


When you want to spend a thug life, but you are a nigga girl. Come on boys, do you want to race with me? Have some fun in a girly way.

Humiliating Fails


When you want to become the Einstien of the new century but failed! This is the result of your failure.

Mermaid Lover


 When you want to be a girl and a mermaid at the same time.